Project items construction management

    1、项目实施准备阶段 project construction preparing period
     The main services are including project declaration, project suggestion report constituting, feasiblity research report , ground measurement, design attorney file compiling, economical appraisal, programming approval, construction drawing auditing, fire and environmental protection approval procedur, biding for construction electric and water using, levelling off the construction ground, making a bid for the quality supervision attorney procedure, programming permit, construction permit and bidding for axial line acceptance.

     2、工程招标阶段 project tender period
    Main service includes making a plan of bidding approach, bidding documents constitution and understanding the construction standard and the main material equipment, workouting project tender price, and declaring a projsct construction, issuing a bidding advertisement, the qualification preexaming, issuing the bid form, holding a bid meeting to answer the problems , organizing bid openning and bid appraisal, issuing the winning bidder notification, drafting out contract provisions and assisting to sign the contract.
    3、工程施工阶段 project construction period
    The quality control, progress control, contract management, information management and safety construction management in the project construction shall be well monitored with varius working types well-linked .
We shall hold construction meeting to tell the techniques to the contractor and carried an acceptance part by part, apply for the water and electricity suply ,water drainage, CATV,telephone,gas pipes and wires installation and make them available.We also carry a finishing acceptance and declare a programming acceptance and enviromental protection acceptance. Finnaly, project completing information shall be pigeonholed and handed.
     4、建设后期及保修阶段 the construction finishing period and protecting period
     To apply for the land license and real estate certificate and carry a project audit review and item settlements.The company carry analysis on problems appearing in the construction and urge them to rectify and improve.